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MR RV Tech LLC is family owned and operated by Josh and Amanda Bedsaul with sons Tyler and Trevor.  We offer a wide range of services from RV Service and Repair, RV Detailing, RV and Boat Storage, Consignment Sales, and a Retail and Online Parts Store. MR RV Tech LLC is licensed and insured. Our goal is to be a RV service leader. We’ll do whatever it takes to earn your trust. We believe in providing the highest level of service in all areas of our expertise. We will literally go the extra mile to provide you with that level of service.


MR RV Tech LLC provides a variety of services for all your RV needs! 


RV Service and Repair at Our Shop

Same Day Service


 Bring your RV to us! We have same day appointments at our shop ONLY and in most cases can get you in and out while you wait in our fully furnished customer waiting area. Grab a drink and a snack and catch up on your favorite Netflix series!  We offer the highest quality customer service and will treat your RV as if it were our own. Roll off the lot in your RV with the confidence the job was done accurately by our technicians. Labor rate is $142.50 per hour with an hour minimum. 


Mobile RV Repair and Service

Rv Trouble? Never Fear Mr RV Tech is Here!!

 We make RV repair simple, we come to you! Our expert RVIA certified technician and Owner will come save the day if you have an issue and can't make it into our shop.  Our Service call fee is $99 and the labor rate is $139.00 per hour with a hour minimum.  Our service area is in Baldwin County only from I-10 to the Beach. 


Full Service Mobile Detailing


 At MR RV Tech we want our customers to have an easy and worry free experience so we come to you. You are also welcome to bring your RV to our shop for a detail as well. We offer a full menu of washes and even roof preventative maintenance to keep your roof in tip top shape. Our service area is in Baldwin County only from I-10 to the Beach. We do charge a $15 fuel charge for all mobile detail appointments.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment online please click the button below. Please call our office for all Mobile Service Appointments. 


Performing preventative maintenance can be the difference between yearly routine service and costly long-term repairs


Every 12 months

What our RV service technicians do:

  • Visually inspect the RV air conditioning unit

  • Remove debris

  • Clean inner coils

  • Perform an amp-draw test

  • Clean drains

  • Replace AC filters if needed

Why your RV needs it:

To help prevent debris and build up, which can negatively impact the quality of air, bog down the AC system and lead to costly AC repair.


Every 3-4 Months

What our RV service technicians do:

  • Check operation of water heater

  • Clean compartment tube assembly (excludes diesel fuel heaters)

  • Check operation of refrigerator

  • Clean burner tube assembly

  • Visually inspect RV rooftop air-conditioning units

  • Replace filters, as needed

  • Check operation of stove

  • Clean galley stove burners of debris

  • Ensure proper air mixture

  • Check operation of furnace

  • Clean furnace of dirt and debris

Why your RV needs it:

Many RV appliances have liquid propane (LP) systems, and it is very important to keep the burn chambers properly cleared of debris to protect you, your family and your recreational vehicle



What our RV service technicians do:

  • Inspect Aqua-Hot System

  • Replace the nozzle

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Top off boiler fluid

  • Pressurize your Aqua-Hot® System to verify it is working properly

  • Check electrodes for proper alignment

  • Clean the burn chamber

  • Check fuel lines and fuel pressure

  • Top off fluid

Why your motorhome needs it:

With regular maintenance the Aqua-Hot® system runs more efficiently and puts off less smoke during operation.


Every 12 months

What our RV service technicians do:

  • Clean terminals and posts

  • Clean battery tray

  • Test batteries

  • Test CCA (cold-cranking amps)/voltage

  • Top off fluid

  • Apply anti-corrosive

Why your RV needs it:

With regular maintenance, you will achieve maximum performance and longer RV battery life.


Trailers, Every 12 months (Shop only)

What our RV service technicians do:

  • Check brakes for proper operation

  • Test amp draw on each wheel

  • Remove tire, drum and hub

  • Inspect RV brake shoes for excessive wear

  • Check brake wiring

  • Adjust brakes to proper settings

  • Inspect wheel bearings and repack (as necessary)

  • Check and adjust air pressure in RV tires

Why your RV needs it:

Annual RV brake inspection and service helps detect potential problems and ensure proper brake operation.


Every 12 months

What our RV service technicians do:

  • Replace generator oil filter

  • Replace generator oil

  • Inspect generator exhaust

Why your RV needs it:

Annual RV generator service is essential as the fibers in your oil, air, and fuel filters break down after roughly 12 months of use. When that happens, your filters no longer perform as they should.


Every 12 months

What our RV service technicians do:

  • Test RV slide outs for proper operation

  • Clean slide walls

  • Lubricate slide seals

  • Lubricate all RV slide components

  • Check applicable hydraulic lines

  • Ensure proper operation of control board

  • Clean all RV jacks, including foot pads

  • Lubricate jacks, rams and gears

Why your RV needs it:

Exterior slide gaskets are rubber and will harden if not properly maintained and conditioned. On some systems, RV slide rails and gears need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Jacks also need to be serviced regularly to protect the seals and prevent debris from building up and working its way up into the jack assembly.


Every 6 months

  • Washing RV roof and slide out roofs (*excluding rooms with awning toppers) with Dicor Roof Cleaner. 

  • Applying Dicor UV protective coating

  • Quick exterior brush and rinse on vertical surfaces

  • Includes 1 gallon of soap and 1 gallon of UV protectant.

  • Roof Inspection (If roof requires any sealants or components be touched up or replaced there will be additional charges for labor and materials)  

Why I need it? 

Help prevent your RV roof from fading, oxidizing, drying and cracking from harsh UV rays, water or grime. Also, periodically having the roof inspected for rips, tears, cracks and caulking separations can keep you one step ahead of preventing damaging leaks and expensive repairs.

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