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Keep Your RV Roof in Tip Top Shape

One of the great joys of RVing is having a roof over your head, no matter where your travels take you. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to take that RV roof for granted. Unfortunately, if you don’t give it some TLC on occasion, that snug little home on the road may not feel so cozy when it begins to look worn and dirty or even leak!

Keep it Clean

The best thing you can do for an RV roof is to wash it at least twice a year. If you park or store your rig under trees that drop leaves or sap, or if you travel in areas that are warm and moist with higher chances of producing mold, a thorough roof cleaning four times a year is even better. Also, periodically having the roof inspected for rips, tears, cracks and caulking separations can keep you one step ahead of preventing damaging leaks and expensive repairs.

Call or message us to schedule your preventative roof maintenance today! Our Roof Preventative Maintenance Package includes- scrubbing the roof, conditioning with a UV protectant, checking for tears and cracks and a complete exterior rinse.

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